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The Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church – The Church of Most Holy Rosary

The Church of the Most Holy Rosary dominates the eastern aspect of the main street. The present church was built in 1893. Once again the benevolence of Viscount De Vesci ensured that a church of this magnificence was constructed.
The local library situated in the square is a very historical building. It was built in 1836 as a market house by John, 2nd. Viscount De Vesci. It became the focus point for all kinds of commercial activity in Abbeyleix for many years.

Rev. Patrick Keogh former Parish Priest of Abbeyleix R.I.P. showing the Baptismal entry of Sarah Jane Clooney to Sarah’s relation Fiona Clooney in Abbeyleix church. Sarah Jane worked in the Abbeyleix carpet factory where carpets were made for the ill fated Titanic. Sarah and of course Fiona’s family are related to Rosemary and George Clooney. Fiona and her family in Abbeyleix are in constant contact with the Clooney family in Kentucky. (Organist: Laura Kelly)