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The Morrissey’s

Morrissey’s PubMorrissey’s is situated on the main street in Abbeyleix and is one of Ireland’s finest and best loved pubs.  It originally was a thatched one storey house but opened in 1775 as a grocery shop. A second floor was added in 1880, with its high wooden shelves lining the walls and that famous pot belly stove that is still there today. The half shop half pub adds to its charm. The Pub is dimly lit and is ‘olde world” style where the ambience has remained unchanged for over a century

Successive gernerations of Morrissey’s developed the business over the years and the last connection to the building was the late Paddy Mulhall, who was an apprentice to his uncle in 1934.   In 2004 the business passed out of the family’s hands.

Little has changed in 2013 in Morrissey’s.  Visitors and locals still sit around the pot bellied stove accompanied by a pint of Guinness, a cup of tea or a mug of coffee.  The staff still wear the white pharmacist type overcoats and on the wall you will still find the wooden shelves filled with artefacts and products from days gone bye.  You can still buy a bag of sweets from the old sweet jar and Morrissey’s tea is still on sale.

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