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Abbeyleix Carpet Factory

titanic carpetThe Abbeyleix Carpet Factory was  set up by Lord de Vesci in 1904 to improve the employment situation and to help ease the problem of emigration.  Up to forty women and girls were employed in the Carpet Factory which had been built in the centre of town, behind what later became Bramleys Motor Works, and is now Weaver Court. The name of Abbeyleix Carpets became known world wide. Up until 1912, many magnificent carpets were manufactured and distributed to all parts of the world, the most famous being the carpets for the tragic Titanic and  her sister ships the Olympic and Britannic all three of which had been fitted with Abbeyleix carpets before their maiden voyages. Sadly, having amalgamated with the Kildare Carpet Company, the Abbeyleix branch was closed in late 1912.

abbeyleix motor worksThe carpet factory stood some way back off the Main Street of the town and not long after its closure, the Bramley family built the Abbeyleix Motor works at the roadside. The garage and petrol pump facility operated successfully and served local and passing trade for many years before closing down at the end of the century. A Heritage Company information sign over the entrance to Weaver Court marks the site of the old carpet factory.